How to Motivate Others

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Some time ago I published a post on how teachers can motivate their students. It received some great feedback from educators, which made me think it might be useful to turn the original post, aimed at teachers, into a universal advice to help anyone who wants other people to succeed.

I put together a short presentation outlining the seven important tips that can help you motivate others:

You are more than welcome to use this presentation for your own purposes.

Maybe you are a manager trying to motivate your employees, a personal trainer helping other people to get into a better shape or a football trainer working hard to get the best out of your team. In any case, if you want to lead anyone towards success, you need to learn how to motivate them.

Transcript of “How to Motivate Others” presentation:

Motivating others

If you want to lead a group of people or an individual towards success, you need to learn how to motivate them. People have their needs and they are driven to satisfy them. This desire motivates them to get the thing they want, which is their goal.

1. Get to know them
Pay attention to other people’s wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Spend some time and effort to get to know them personally and build connections with them. Show them you care about them!

Maslow's hyerarchy of needs

2. Set high expectations
You should hold everyone to high expectations and expect them to reach those high standards. Don’t forget to set the same high standards for yourself! You cannot expect them to deliver the best results unless you strive to do the same.

3. Be flexible
Don’t just try and stick to your plan if you can’t see the expected results. Combine different methods and strategies and keep testing them. Observe closely how people respond and define the best approaches for each individual.

  • Have a Plan B
  • Recognize uniqueness of each individual
  • There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to motivation.

4. Believe in them
Look beyond your people’s imperfections and problems and try to see their potential.
Help them focus on the possibilities and coach them through the potholes along the path.

5. Reward them
Give them personal feedback. Focus on their efforts and reward them for working hard. Encourage their hope by letting them know they can always do better. Give them another chance to demonstrate they can do it.

6. Smile
Smile creates a positive atmosphere where people feel comfortable asking questions and expressing themselves.

7. Be a Role Model

  • model positive choice-making by putting the best choices into action
  • apologize and admit mistakes; nobody is perfect at the end of the day
  • show respect to others and follow through in the same way you want them to follow their commitments
  • become a well rounded individual
  • be proud of who you are

Do you have any other tips how to get the best out of others? Please share them in the comments below!

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