Ups and Downs of a European Teacher Entepreneur in Brazil

Have you ever dreamt of teaching abroad? Are you considering starting your teaching business or even opening your own language school? Veronika, a young Czech ESL teacher, did it all. In Brazil!

Veronika BaudysovaShe moved to Brazil straight after she graduated from college – Yes, there was a boy! – and  opened her own language school Koala Idomas only a year after that.  As you can image, it hasn’t been an easy path. But she reached a comfortable stage of her business now when she doesn’t have to promote herself or actively seek new students. Instead, they come to her.

How did she become a successful teacher entrepreneur in Brazil and what challenges has she been facing?

Listen to her story to find out:

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Veronika’s school in Taubaté, Brazil:

Koala Idiomas Classroom

Koala Idiomas School

Koala Idiomas Kids Classroom

Do you have a personal experience with teaching in developing country? We’d love to hear your stories too!

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One thought on “Ups and Downs of a European Teacher Entepreneur in Brazil

  1. I really enjoyed listening to the story. I am thinking about going to Argentina to teach English next year, so it’s inspiring to learn about people who did something similar. Thank you!

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