What Makes Us Want to Learn?

I recently learnt that, according to Malone and Lepper, the factors that enhance intrinsic motivation are:

Afghan students learning English.

Afghan students learning English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Challenge allows a person to work toward a meaningful goal.
  • Curiosity stimulates the desire to learn about something.
  • Control allows one to control what happens to them.
  • Fantasy turns learning into a game by using mental images rather than things actually present.
  • Competition lets a person feel satisfaction by comparing their performance to others.
  • Cooperation and recognition  bring satisfaction and appreciation from others to the motivator.

I think it is quite interesting to see what actually drives us to learn more in our lives. For me personally, I would say it is mainly the challenge and curiosity factors that motivate me to gain new knowledge and skills.

What encourages YOU to educate yourself?


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